Story Bytes, Issue #32, December 1998

4 Word Stories

An Unreliable Tale of the Man Who Examined Life by M. Stanley Bubien
Unreliable? Because, of course, no one would ever ask, would they?

256 Word Stories

Writer's Block by Mark Hansen
And where is the magical cure for this ailment?

512 Word Stories

Grandfather Change by M. Stanley Bubien
A pocketful of change can have so many uses.

Heaven, the Main Office; Monday Morning by Jean Goldstrom
I - and a few others, apparently - don't like Mondays.

I Dare Destroy by M. Stanley Bubien
Was it Michael Rounds or George Carlin who called environmentalists
utterly arrogant to teach that mankind could actually destroy our
vast and ancient planet?

1024 Word Stories

My Daughter the Checkout Chick by Lincoln Donald
So many things in life are inconvenient, but maybe those are the most worthwhile.

Story Bytes